What is a singer, songwriter, poet, performer and dancer doing leading the Multicultural business marketing strategy for City National Bank as a Senior Vice President?  Karen A. Clark is simply living life in its proper perspective; with balance!

Karen A. Clark began measuring her dreams & limits as she saw the world early on while traveling as an Air Force brat. Her first live concert was Ramsey Lewis in Frankfurt, Germany .

Involved in dance, poetry, & theater, Karen A’s primary plan in life was unmistakable; performing. Never abandoning the pursuit of her lifelong dream, she embarked on a ‘back up plan’ – college, where she discovered her vocal ability as a singer and her strength as a live performer in theater and spoken word.

After receiving a BA in Economics from CA State U Sacramento, Karen A. entered the work force where she played many roles, including Mental Health Counselor, Drug Rehabilitation Counselor, and  juvenile hall Probation Officer, before moving to L. A. where she climbed the ranks in the banking industry as an executive in commercial real estate; corporate diversity, community reinvestment & marketing.

While raising 2 kids with her late husband Finley, Karen remained steadfast and focused on her first gig; writing and performing! The family formed their own music entertainment vessel, C-Sick Records, with The Karen A. Clark Project as the 2nd album release.

The Karen A. Clark Project is a musical journey through love, life, career, companionship, sensuality and city life. In the often superficial climate of the music business where claiming to keep it real is frequently revealed as a farce, Karen’s lyrical content is relatable.

I’ve discovered my listeners and fan base to be women of all ages, and many corporate women”, Karen asserts. “I find that people who want to express themselves artistically…or wish they could live their dream… appreciate and enjoy listening to me. Men like the sexy content and my stage presence”.

Karen A. Clark, through her music and career is an inspirational model of how life should be lived…with balance.  “…everyone has 24 hours in a day…you do what you want to do…you make choices…” .  Through this belief, Karen is highly reputable as a leader in the banking industry and busy marketing and promoting her first LP, The Karen A. Clark Project!

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